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a typical day.


Our day always starts with a friendly welcome from our staff.  We enjoy a short period of chatting to the children and finding out what they have been doing, reading a book, completing a puzzle…

Wake and shake comes next.  We are all love dancing, laughing and getting our blood pumping!

Extensive research has shown that our brain works best when supplied with oxygen and endorphins, both of which are produced through exercise. After  'Wake and Shake', the children are energised and eager to start the day.  We hope  that by approaching physical activity in a lively and fun way, we will encourage children to view it as a positive pastime that they may continue throughout their lives.

Snack time is a valuable opportunity for our children to experience quality interaction with their peers. It is a social time to enjoy each other’s company and eat a healthy snack. 

Throughout the session the children are encouraged  to take part in a wide variety of activities, indoors and outdoors including:

Imaginative play

Creative processes: painting, building, drama and music

Stories and singing

Physical play, including climbing and risk taking

Engaging with the natural world

Seasonal activities

Nature Walks, running, sports on the field

These open-ended experiences provide endless opportunities for learning through play